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Build Your Capacity to Operate

Basic Applications / Software Programs / Mobile Phones / Computer / Tablets / VR Technology

We provide tailored IT support to empower your abilities

Our IT Pals are experienced Tech Mentors, here to take care off all your IT needs, from learning how to operate basic apps like WhatsApp, Emails, SMS, and Social Media across all mini devices, to operating more advanced software programs, computer skills, and virtual reality technology.

No matter how basic or advanced your IT Software or Hardware requirements, we have a support program that’s right for you and if we don’t we’ll create one.

Our Services

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Operate basic and advanced applications ranging from WhatsApp, Emails, SMS and Social Media to Virtual Reality Technology on all digital mediums to include cellphones, tablets and computers.

Select the appropriate computer hardware, software, apps and support programs.

Operate software installation.

Access online or one-to-one tutorials for support apps, such as voice activation, home automation, speech apps and more.

Access customised lessons based on tailored support for your unique IT and Lifestyle goals.

Identify quality service providers and other support resources through our network of trusted partners.

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